Thursday, September 17, 2009

What was She Thinking?!?!?!

Have you heard the news? Watch out when you open the front door. We have a new "friend" at the shop. I think Anna forgot she owns a yarn shop. She rescued a kitten from the ASPCA. We will see if yarn shops and kittens mix. Please no one dangle yarn in front of him. Since Anna has brought him into the shop we have a problem. She hasn't named him.

Anna has decided that the customers get a say in naming him. There are several names to the right. Anna is taking suggestions and in a week or so she will put up the names and have everyone vote on this site. The winner will win a knitting gift basket. She hasn't given out all the details but if you have a name suggestion leave in the comments section or email Anna with your suggestions.

Don't forget this Sunday is the San Francisco train trip. There will be pictures when we get back. Yes I plan on stowing away in a knitting bag.

HAve you seen some of the upcoming classes? They are incredible. And Christmas is right around the corner. So start thinking about the presents you want to make. Yarn is coming in all the time so stop in often.



  1. I think he looks like a Cardy (for cardigan)

  2. Bo, for "bind off"

    Bet he can "purrrrrrrrl"!

  3. A good friend just lost a well-loved kitty this week, with very similar markings as your kitten. His name was Bertram (or Bert). The name may not be knitting related, but it comes with good karma - the original Bert was 15+ years old, very well cared for, and also a rescue kitty.

  4. My first post...ever...but I love kitties and I love Anna for many reasons and this is another reason..rescuing the kitty..a biggie, so here goes! I would name him "STASH" I was hoping for a girl, I would have named her Purl...but we need another guy around. Whatever his name, he will get lots of love and it will be so nice to hear the purrs.. See you soon. Sheila Lawson..yikes..I don't know which profile to choose..what's that all about? Anonymous seemed the least likely to cause a problem...and I already said my hope you get this!! Maybe Frank will help?

  5. Loopy, because thats what all kittens are. Lou for short.

  6. I am thinking of Caston (cast-on). Hope you like it! (I emailed my answer in also, sorry about the duplicate).

    He is a beautiful Kitten. I'll look forward to meeting him and seeing you all next time I'm in Sacto.