Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ahhh, the quiet

I am finally home. I was so looking forward to lounging in the yarn and taking a nap this evening, but I forgot it was Happy Hour Tuesday. The shop is open until 8 so people come to the Friendship table late and knit and laugh and talk and laugh and talk and laugh and knit. They have a great time but they forget some of us need our beauty sleep.

I did hear Anna's plans for the Pot of Gold Sale. All day long March 17 when you come into the store there will be a big pot at the front counter. Anna is going to put slips of paper in it with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 35, 40, 45 and 50 percent off on them. Once you have gotten your purchase and ready to check out you get to pull a slip from the pot. You will receive that discount on your purchase. She was telling the folks at the table that she thought getting 50% off was great. But I think I can do better. SHHHHH don't tell but I am going to slip a peice of paper in there and it will have 100 % off your purchase. You can't go back and get more after you draw to see your discount and you can't draw until you are ready to check out but can you imagine the look on Anna's face when someone pulls out the 100% off. A FREE purchase for someone!!!! Ooohhh I can't wait. That will teach her to say I have to get sheared before Ireland.

I was also able to hear about some upcoming classes for April. Starting April 18th Cathy will be doing a scarf of the month class. Her first one will also be an introduction to basic cableing. Dena will be having a class on construction and how to sew seams. Debbie will be having her crochet hat class. It meets the first and third Mondays at 11. I wasn't able to hear what other classes will be offered but I know Pam will be having her Christmas Stocking class as well as her afghan square monthly class.

I think it is about time for me to turn on the CD player - I saw some Michael Buble in the office and go climb up in the Misti Alpaca and get some ZZZZ's. Stop in and see me soon



  1. Frank, buddy, you are so gonna get it! . . . . gawd, have you lost your fleece!? . . . . well, you will when Anna finds out!

    Classes sound good and I see you finally got the store links AND the class calendar link up . . . . . . you have been working hard!

  2. woe, Construction Class . . . ah, er, yeah, but, ah, ok, so I see the need and am trying to figure out how to teach construction and have fun . . . I'm thinkin and hoping to make it so everyone leaves with a Teddy Bear vest or sweater they have constructed!? . . . . . ya gotta do it to learn it, can't just look at drawings and what if you don't have something to construction together when the class is on . . . . . so I'd like to have pieces to assemble. I'm going to keep this goal in mind! Details at 11:00!