Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guest Speaker


My name is Percy. I am a Frank's best friend. I am the pink alpaca that sits quietly in the store. Frank is in Phoenix for a few days so I am covering his job. Must be nice. A job where one gets unlimited travel. I guess I can't complain. Although my escorts from the past few days were rather loud and obnoxious, they were very hospitable. But what can one expect from two college boys from Kansas? They did ensure that I had an enjoyable time. But instead of a first class seat on a plane to Phoenix this was my mode of transportation:
I guess I really shouldn't complain. They fed me well:
The day before we went to San Francisco, Phil and McComas took me on a welcome tour of Sacramento. We ventured down to Ft. Sutter. It was a very interesting place. While there I was able to try on pelts. How do think Frank will look in this once Anna has him sheared? It is made of squirrel fur. I did check and they do custom orders so I do think Frank will be OK.
Here is a picture of my tour guides:

McComas and Phil did make sure I saw lots of San Franciso. Check these out:

The last one is my favorite. It was as we were headed on a tour of San Francisco Bay. The boys took great care and tucked me away but they ended up rather wet.

You know, I heard Phil and McComas talk about their home at in Topeka, Kansas. They belong to something called a Fraternity and go to college. I think I may stow away tomorrow in Phil's back pack and go for a little extended vacation. Think anyone will miss me?

Stay Tuned



  1. Frank, man, I love it, you made the Bay, see my boy, Kent, he is a mariner and like lives and loves the bay and I recognize the Aquatic Park anchor and other stuff . . . . dude, that's my pawing ground . . . . I can smell the salt air, or is that my blankie? Talk to you soon!

  2. Please note, Percy went to the Bay not Frank. Frank is currently in Phoenix.

    thank you

  3. Oh, man I just had to continue, the last picture is my best also . . . . that is down by Aliotos, the Seal docks (barking seals) and Scoma's (the best food on the dock) and our best pub, dogs allowed, Fiddler's Green (do you know about Fiddlers's Green) and G Chocolate . . . . oh man, it's tough leaving for home when it that beautiful on the bay . . . . . hear me singing, "as the lights go down in the city and the sun shines on the bay" . . . . .

  4. sorry, Percy, I am easily excited . . . . four legs are four legs, sorry, I was thinkin Percy and typin Frank . . . . . it's the Jameson.