Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I can't believe how busy the store was today. There were shoppers everywhere.

Anna caught me near the Pot and saw me putting in the special reward. She said we would have to talk. Not sure what that means. But we did have some very nice lady pull the 100% ticket out of the pot. Anna was not there when it happened but Pam did get pictures. Anna will get them to me soon.

That Traveling Knit Group. I don't know what to do with them. They had way too much fun today. Can you believe the actually had an Irish beer tasting today. Thanks to the nice lady who went and got it. Plus they brought in Pizza. But NO ONE offered me a slice. I guess they think sheep don't like pizza.

I haven't heard about my departure date for Phoenix. Darlene hasn't been to give Anna my travel schedule. My bags are packed and I am ready. Percy will keep you up to date while I am gone. If he makes it back from San Francisco in one piece.

After the day I have had I think that some soft Jazz is in order. Wonder who Anna has on the CD player tonight.


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  1. Psst: Frank. I was in yesterday. Got a really nice discount on my purchase. Thanks for being a rock'in sheep!