Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pleasant Valley Sunday

Hey my wonderful Dudes and Dudettes!!!

It is going to be a Pleasant Valley Sunday in the shoppe on Sunday. Anna wants to show all of her customers how much you mean to her. She is having a great sale. There are gong to be big discounts on many things and don't forget her GRAB BAGS!!! Frankie has been busy stuffing her little hoofs off. Last time she ties me up. HUMPH!!!! Not sure which has Anna more upset, seeing a poor little innocent pink alpaca tied to a chair OR Frankie using a skein of the much coveted Blue Heron yarn to do it. (you know I could have chewed thru it but it was more fun to get Frankie in trouble)

Anna has the June Calendar up on the site. Check it out here . The brilliance of Anna has added a new feature to the calendar this month. If you click on a particular class you can see a picture of the project. That is totally awesome, if you ask this 'paca.

Frank is due back in a day or two with his long lost relative. Stop in and see him next week.


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  1. Oh yea...I've meet the new guy and he is really cute! Frank's back and showing Shamus the shoppe like he owns it. He always acts like he is in charge! Don't tell him but he looked happy to be home. Everyone was glad too see him back too. Even Anna...and especially Frankie. =)