Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pictures pictures pictures

Here I am blowing bubbles with my new friend Miriam.

Resting in a tree. And SOMEONE thinking they were funny. NOT!

The marble factory. It was amazing. We couldn't take pictures of them making the marbles. Something about liabity issues.
This is Phil roasting marshmallows on one of the few good nights we had.

These are Christopher Elbow Chocolates. He is a Candy designer from Kansas City. They don't give tours of his shop but Cathy made sure to bring home some goodies. Hope you are at the Shoppe when she brings in the goodies.
This is a close up on one box of chocolate. It doesn't do them justice.
Me discussing patterns and checking on things in California.
The outside of the T-Rex Restaurant. This guy was looking for lunch.

More pics tomorrow. Frank

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  1. Frank! It was great to meet you! Those bubbles were a blast. Thanks for helping me out. It was a good bubble blowing day.

    I'm glad you got back to CA safely.